Here is the link to the K-2 Reading Workshop Units and overview documents from Oakland Schools:
Oakland Scope Curriculum

Here is a document pulled together by Linda Fox and other county teachers, looking at Unit 10 from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. They took the narrative of Unit 10 and created a possible instructional plan, pulling out the strings and teaching points by day. This is a possible unit for both 1st and 2nd grade that could be taught at the end of the year.

These are assessment checklists to go with the Oakland ISD Reading Units for K-2. At this point (9-14-11) there are 6 Units for each grade level K, 1st and 2nd.

These may be used as a tool during conferring, to aid in creating strategy groups, to take an overview of your class or to record individual, group and class progress in order to make instructional decisions. In short, they are an excellent formative assessment tool.

These resources are offered in Word so that you may take them, modify them, make them serve the purposes that will support your teaching and your students' learning. Create away!

These checklists, referred to as "checkbrics" to imply that they can be used as checklists and/or rubrics, were created by Tia Peterson, Title teacher from Oakridge Schools when she was looping between teaching first and second grades.
Thanks Tia!

K Checklists/"Checkbrics"

First Grade Checklists/"Checkbrics"

Second Grade Checklists/"Checkbrics"