Welcome! This is where we will upload new resources for the "Student-Centered Reading and Writing Practices 6th-12th Grade" series. We will also be inviting you to a Google Drive folder where we will all be able to access and share unit-specific resources as we move through the year together.

May 6 "Learning Lab Advanced Series" (Cohort 1)- Session Resources
Presentation Slides from May 6

January 28 "Learning Labs Advanced Series" (Cohort 1) - Session Resources

Here are resources provided from our reading and discussion around Growth vs. Fixed Mindset in Adolescents:

Presentation Slides from January 28

Research on Growth Mindset Including Ideas for Application in Schools:

NPR article on Growth Mindset (possible resource for families):

Additional NPR article - Teacher Expectations and Impact on Growth Mindset (possible resource for PLC or department meeting):

Conferring Planning Form from Michelle Renna:


Resources for 2014-2015 (Cohort 2) Student Centered Reading and Writing Practices for Secondary Educators Series:

Mentor Texts-Please add to this spreadsheets of mentor texts.

August 2014 Resources:

September 2014 Resources:

Reflection form for September 16 linked here.

October 2014 Resources:

Reflection form for October 7 linked here

Here is a minilesson template from Michelle Renna that you can use to write you lesson notes:

Argument Writing Slides linked here

November 2014 Resources:

Reflection form for November linked here

December 2014 Resources:

Reflection form for December linked here

January 2015 Resources:

Student facing rubric examples

Reflection form for January linked here

February 2015 Resources:

Here is a link to the Taylor Mali Poem/Video on Declarative vs. Interrogative speaking (and writing):

Here is a link to the checklist document. To use, please make a copy, rename your copy and save it for yourself.

Reflection form for February linked here: bit.ly/februaryreflection

March 2015 Resources:

Here is the link to the Change Your Words, Change Your World video:

Here is a link to the Mary Ehrenworth video:

Non Fiction Text Sources from the Michigan Electronic Library

Reflection form for March linked here: Reflection

April 2015 Resources:

Native American "Proud to Be" video - digital text for close reading of argument - linked here

Reflection for for April session linked here: Reflection

May 2015 Resources:

The Danger of a Single Story linked here

Casual and Formal Register linked here

May Reflection linked here

Resources from 2013-2014

AUGUST 2013 Resources

Background and Context:

Considerations for Set-up and Management:


New York Times Article - The Future of Reading: A New Assignment
Nancie Atwell Video re: Reading Workshop Myths: Here
Rethinking Schools: Book Intro - Teaching for Joy and Justice

Penny Kittle Website: www.pennykittle.net

Generic Minilesson template (Shared in August) - more below in October section

Assessment: Conferring and More

MAISA (Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators) Unit Resources

Shortcut web access and directions to the most up-to-date drafts:

Timeline of unit completion by grade level and overview of units available:

September 2013 Resources

October 2013 Resources

Detailed lesson planner from Michelle Renna (shared in October)

Same as above, with more space to write you lesson notes:

Interactive Read Aloud Planner:

Interactive Read Aloud Planner with Megan Perreault's notes:

PowerPoint with thoughts on Assessment and Grading (Thank you, Jacquelyn!) :
linked (here)

November Resources

Illegible handwriting issues

Argument Writing Support Handouts:

December Resources

MAISA Unit Reflection

Michelle Renna's Inference Minilesson:

Take a look at one sample formative assessment tool:"checkbrick"
If you'd like to make your own for your current unit, you can use this blank checkbrick and populate it with the learning targets of your unit, here are the steps:
1. Open the blank checkbrick, go to File then choose "make a copy".
2. The copy that comes up will be just for you. Rename it for yourself. It will show up in your Google Drive.
3. Populate the Google Doc with your content then use it however you'd like. You can print it if you'd like to use it in paper form. Please consider sharing whatever you make. If you go to "Share" and type ebrown@muskegonisd.org, we can put it in our shared Google Drive folder called "MAISA Unit Resources".
THANKS for the collaboration!

Close and Reflection

Breakout Resources:

Support for Readers not reading at grade level

Sample Donors Choose email:

January 2014 Resources

Shape Reflection

Close and Reflection

New resource for Kids at Mel.org

Support for Readers not reading at grade level

Does Reading Actually Change the Brain?

Really new Resource Mel and Sirs Discoverer

February 2014 Resources

February Close and Reflection

TodaysMeet 6th-8th

TodaysMeet 9-12

Notable Sentences for Imitation and Creation

March 2014 Resources

Links to short texts for Literary Essay Units:
6th: Linked here:

Landscape example of the Reading on Multiple Levels document - for students:

April 2014 Resources

April Close and Reflection

Supporting Struggling Readers & Writers Within the Workshop Model-PLC
If you are interested in taking part in the above please completed this survey

May 2014 Resources

Michelle Kemp's PowerPoint on ways to promote student reflection on reading, including several ways to assess self-selected reading.

Ms. Renna's Classroom Tour
Mrs. Ball's Classroom Tour
Perreault Classroom Tour #1
Perreault Classroom Tour #2
Perreault Classroom Tour #3

(Performance Assessment from a school in Tacoma)

Examining a Performance Assessment-group responses

PowerPoint on Anchor Charts

Anchor Chart Ideas and Examples from "make and take" session

May Reflection

May 2014 Resources

Link to Jackie's screencast on Argument Writing

Here are links to the CCSS standards written as "kid-friendly I Can" Statements. They were created by North Dakota educators. They are nice because they are a word document that includes the original standard language as well as "I Can" statements. Here is a link to the original website.

High School Standard Document that Stephen Miller shared.

Pacing Guide & Lesson Plan Calendar- This link will take you to a google document where you can pace out your year. You will need to go to "file", "make a copy" before you can edit the document.