Resources to support Unit 1: Launching: Building a Reading Life, Reading Workshop for upper grades:

Thank you Mary Johnson and Michelle Renna!

These pages are from a CD that Okeelah McBride and Tonia Ertzinger shared on June 25th, 2010.

Resources to support Unit 2: Following Characters into Meaning :

Here are the resources for the Character Unit "Following Characters into Meaning" that were shared in October, 2011.

Character Unit resources shared in November:

Here is a whole-class unit checklist for conferring and assessment. Thank you Michelle Renna!

Here are some plans created from the Units of Study to make them personal. Thank you for sharing Mary Johnson!

Resources to support unit 3: Navigating Nonfiction

Assessment Checklist for Navigating Nonfiction, Volume 1: Volume 2:

Resources to Support Unit 4: Tackling Complex Texts (Book Clubs)

Book Club - helpful notes from Chapter 20 of Art of Teaching Reading

NON Unit-based Resources

Thanks to Kevin Richards from Twin Lake Elementary for creating and sharing this upper grade conferring checklist!


Prior to the publication of any professional units for Reading Workshop, and prior to the Common Core State Standards, teachers from Muskegon Public Schools and Oakridge Public Schools, Tonia Ertzinger, Sally Kahlo, Okeelah McBride and Tammy Peterson collaborated to create units for the upper grades. These are the units we used when we began this series in 2009. While they are not fully aligned to the CCSS (since they were born earlier than the Common Core), many lessons came from the same Curricular Calendars that were used to create the now published professional units.

We are forever grateful to these stellar local educators who launched the upper grade teachers into this work with these first drafts.

Local Launching Units:

Local Character Unit:

Local Nonfiction Unit:

Local Book Club Unit: